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Exterior cleanliness, interior peace.

The best cleaning service based on the use of natural products.

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Our history

"This business started from the need to generate income and the flexibility of schedules that this work allows.

Janitorial service is a need that is present in many spaces, I started in Kansas City, which was my first venture in restaurant cleaning.

Moving to the state of Colorado, in 2018, I continued with cleaning, but now in a general way, expanding the service to homes, offices or wherever the service was required.

I identified that there are products that are harmful to both people and pets, so we seek to offer a service that is based on the use of products that are not harmful to health and friendly to both the people who perform the service, our customers and the environment."

Irma Padilla


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Our Services

We offer a quality cleaning service based on the use of natural products that allows us to take care of your health and friendly to the environment.

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    A cleaning service focused on keeping living spaces clean and organized for homeowners, promoting better indoor air quality and overall health for all the family.

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    A cleaning service that involves maintaining the cleanliness of business or office spaces to ensure a professional and hygienic environment for employees and clients.

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    A deep cleaning service that is typically requested when moving into or out of a home, ensuring that the space is thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next occupant.

  • One time

    Cleaning on demand.

  • Weekly

    Weekly service for busy customers in their tasks.

  • Biweekly

    For spaces that require a more sporadic cleaning.

  • Monthly

    For those who need a monthly deep cleaning.

Note: Payment for service is offered on a per square foot or per project basis.